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5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Eco-Friendly Personal Care Routine

5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Eco-Friendly Personal Care Routine

Building an eco-friendly personal care routine may seem daunting and complicated. At Tidalove, we hope to make this transition as smooth as possible, so here’s 5 tips to guide you in playing your part in maintaining your personal care while also healing our environment. 

Tip 1: Opt for natural, biodegradable products

Globally, 1.5 billion tubes of toothpaste alone are discarded annually, polluting our oceans with tons of microplastics. By switching to natural products with minimal packaging, you can decrease this number. Moreover, naturally made products often come in zero-waste packaging and offer a simple, clean, and effective alternative.

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Tip 2: Minimize water usage

One aspect of eco-friendliness that is often overlooked is the overuse of water with around 1.1 billion people lacking access to water (WWF). Consider switching to waterless products such as tablets in order to decrease water waste. Although waterless toothpaste or facial cleanser may seem strange, it’s much better, both for your body and the environment, and who knows! Maybe you’ll like the feel of it more!

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Tip 3: Utilize refills 

Most eco-friendly personal care brands will have the option for refills as part of their product selection. This allows you to only have to buy one container to hold your toothpaste, body wash, or other personal care item and prevent yourself from buying more useless containers that you’ll eventually throw out. 

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Tip 4: Personalize your routine

You won’t be willing to make the change if you don’t enjoy the process. Can’t say bye to your favorite facial cleanser? Start with toothpaste! Not a fan of minty toothpaste? Choose a lighter flavor!  

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Tip 5: Make the change

While the change to an eco-friendly personal care routine may seem unnecessary, it’s far from so. As more and more waste fills our oceans, making that shift is one step towards an eco-friendly society. 

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