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Is there a way to achieve beauty in balance by transforming beauty packaging sustainably?

Is there a way to achieve beauty in balance by transforming beauty packaging sustainably?

The beauty and personal care industry, despite its allure, faces a significant environmental challenge—excessive packaging waste. Annually, it produces over 120 billion units worldwide, and most of it is not recyclable. Shockingly, only 9% of the world's plastic has been recycled since large-scale production began in 1950. The beauty industry significantly contributes to this plastic problem, producing nearly 7.9 billion units of hard plastic just for beauty products in the U.S. in 1 year. With the global cosmetics market expected to reach $560.50 billion by 2030, the issue of plastic waste demands urgent attention.

Now, let's discuss solutions. That's why we created Tidalove. Our products are solid for easy refilling, and the refills come in compostable bags, not plastic containers. We made everything refillable and explored container options like glass and metal. While glass is recyclable, it poses challenges due to its fragility and weight, especially in a large country like the United States. So, we considered metal, specifically tinplate, the main material in tin can containers, which is eco-friendly and easily recyclable in all countries.

Moreover, we discovered the benefits of waterless products. They use less water and fewer preservatives, and they're lighter, making them easier to ship with lower carbon emissions. Although it took some adjustment for people, the numerous positive reviews speak to the improved skin benefits and added convenience!

We all have the desire to look good, but we also recognize the need to care for our planet. That's where Tidalove comes in. We are committed to making beauty sustainable without compromising quality. By choosing the right materials for packaging and refilling, not landfilling, and embracing waterless innovation, we are not just enhancing your appearance; we are playing our part in preserving the beauty of our Earth. And it's not just about taking care of the planet; you'll feel the transformative difference of our beauty product innovation!




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