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6 Sustainable Halloween Tips for 2023

6 Sustainable Halloween Tips for 2023

Guess what? October is here, and we're counting down to the most spooktacular day of the year – Halloween! Have you heard about the abundance of plastic candy wrappers we generate this season and the resulting eco-impacts due to all these cheap, one-time-use Halloween decorations?

We don't hate the holiday or get all grumpy about it, but we aim for a zero-waste Halloween as much as possible. Here's an aspirational Halloween decoration idea. Are you ready to make this Halloween spooktacular and eco-friendly? Here are five fantastic sustainable Halloween ideas to get you started... but wait, I've got one more trick up my sleeve!

1. Use Seasonal Food as Decorations

Halloween is the perfect time to use seasonal goodies as decorations. Pumpkins are the stars, but think beyond! Utilize squash, gourds, dried corn husks, and apples to create that festive vibe.


2. Borrow Decorations from Friends and Family

Why not swap and share Halloween decorations?Borrow items from friends or family if they no longer use decorations because they've moved to a new house. It's a sustainable way to breathe new life into preloved decor and spread the Halloween cheer.


3. Crafty Cardboard Creations

Get crafty with those cardboard boxes from your recycling bin! Cut out spooky shapes like bats, spiders, or ghosts, and hang them in your windows; you'll have eerie window silhouettes ready to give everyone the chills.


4. Go Vintage for Extra Creepiness

Visit your local antique shops or even your grandma's attic for vintage Halloween decorations. Sometimes, old dolls and toys can add just the right amount of creepiness to your Halloween setup.


5. Treats with Sustainable Packaging

Let's talk treats! Choose sustainable and low-waste options when handing out candies. Opt for bulk chocolates with foil covers like Kisses or cardboard-packaged goodies like Junior Mints or Milk Duds.

Oh, and here's the 6th idea!

6. After indulging in all those Halloween treats, don't forget to brush your teeth with Tidalove toothpaste tablets with fluoride for an eco-friendly, post-candy sparkle!

Remember, Halloween can be spooky and planet-friendly at the same time. Let's get creative, have a blast, and keep it green this October. Wishing you a wickedly awesome Halloween! 🌿👻




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