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Is Going Green and Ditching Plastic Waste in Your Oral Care Routine Possible with Toothpaste Tablets?

Is Going Green and Ditching Plastic Waste in Your Oral Care Routine Possible with Toothpaste Tablets?

Ever thought about cutting down on plastic waste?

Maybe you've considered reusable water bottles, eco-friendly shopping bags, or paper straws. That's a great start! Switching from single-use plastics to eco-friendly options is a smart move. But here's the thing - what about our bathrooms?

So, what's the solution? Bamboo toothbrushes! They're fully compostable. No more plastic waste.

Let's talk about something we all use regularly - toothbrushes. Dentists advise us to brush better, longer, and more carefully. The issue is that this often means more plastic. Dentists also recommend changing toothbrushes every three months. Do the math %u2013 with around 333 million folks in the U.S., that's over 1.3 billion toothbrushes in the trash every year!

Now, about toothpaste tubes – you might think they're not plastic, but they usually contain a mix of plastic and aluminum.

Easy to squeeze, but a pain to recycle. Alongside all those toothbrushes, we're talking hundreds of millions of toothpaste tubes in landfills, sticking around for centuries.

That's why we believe chewable toothpaste is the way to go. Our toothpaste tablets are super easy to use. Just pop one in your mouth, chew for a burst of refreshing flavor, and brush with a wet (bamboo) toothbrush for eco-friendly oral care. Need some eco-friendly oral care products?

Look no further! Tidalove has you covered. Besides our bamboo toothbrushes and chewable toothpaste tablets, we offer zero-waste dental floss in cute glass jars with metal lids. Making these switches doesn't feel like a big sacrifice when the health of our planet is on the line. We've got everything you need to keep your mouth and the planet smiling!



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